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Learning some Carole King tonight. I’d love to play her one day. I look up to her and jessie mueller so much!


Will You Love Me Tomorrow- Carole King and Gerry Goffin

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A message to vocal runners, not actual runners.

So Valentine’s Day is a week from today.. and I remember I wrote this two years ago around this time of year.. and if you’re mopey on such a hallmark holiday, you shouldn’t be, and I hope it makes you feel better.

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A good day to just chill in my apartment and work on some music.

By went the trees
By went the horses
And the fields
By went the cares
By went the bandages that held me close
By went emotional constriction
By went the hold on conviction

I was free for a little while

Gone was the smoke
Gone were the towering castles
Gone were the nights of doubting if I would stay alive
Gone were the crying times
Gone were the depressing rhymes

I was free for a little while

I can tell you
The scenery changes
And suddenly you’re out of the bonds

The price is
How much you are in despair of the land
You’ve left behind

Done is the land
That lays in the thickening fog
Done is the girl
Who once thought the fog was her only breath
Done is the life of sadness
Here to begin the ecstatic madness
Am I

True Fact:
Singing “Let it Go” from Frozen is the equivalent of running a half-marathon.
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Ok so I attempted to do this song. I’m not even going to post on Facebook because I fear people that I know will judge me eternally for even attempting. BUT I feel much safer here for some reason so I’ll let y’all tell me what you think.

It’s an EXTREMELY difficult song and it is sung by a queen ballad(er) so please don’t be too harsh!

Listen with headphones for better quality. It seems a little muffled.

Thanks for the listen

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Coffee Cup | Original

View it in HD!

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Flightless Bird | Iron and Wine (cover)