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My life is a constant struggle to stay awake.

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You know that awesome feeling when you see someone that you knew when you were not cute and they agreed that you weren’t cute but NOW you’re kind of cute and then suddenly they’re in your life again and you’re like.. “mmmmmmmmhm. That’s what I thought!”

I should probably go to bed.

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Since when has it become more about the relationship than the person?

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Intelligence is sexy until entitlement and patronization settle in.

Don’t be that guy/girl.

Intelligence is a blessing and you’re not the only one blessed with it.

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I move into my first apartment tomorrow.

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Ill be on set of “Chef” the movie starring Dustin Hoffman, Sofia Vergara, Scarlet Johansson, and Robert Downey Jr, tomorrow as an extra.

Probably gonna take some small 30 second videos of my two days on set if I can. Little vloggin. So be on the look out. You can see them better on my Instagram: yeahhannah

I’m telling you guys this because some of you actually care! Ok byeeee

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Conversations in the car with mom
  • Mom: You know you could even get a roommate in your new house.
  • Me: Nnnnope. I want to be able walk around in my underwear without having to be "considerate" to another human being.
  • Mom (judgmental): .......
  • Me (unphased): That reminds me... Drapes. Put drapes on the list.
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I don’t know…. I know I do my share of complaining on Tumblr… but sometimes I get really sick of seeing it.

We have Tumblrs. Which means we have computers (or expensive macs). The majority of us post pictures of ourselves in expensive clothes in our suburban homes and we come to Tumblr to let out our feelings but sometimes…

I just want to see something positive.

I love how I can never impress my mother enough.

I just want a friend I can kiss and call my own GOD.

.. I mean ..

I love being single and free! :D